What Is Tracer Wire?

Tracer Wire is specially designed for finding and locating underground non-metallic pipelines.

It effectively solves the problem that non-metallic pipelines cannot be probed with metal pipelines. And can be widely used in the search and location of underground non-metallic pipe networks such as gas, water supply pipelines, and drainage pipelines.

With the further popularization of PE pipes in the natural gas and water supply industries, the medium/low pressure gas pipeline network is gradually replacing steel pipes and cast iron pipes with PE pipes.

Since the PE pipe is non-conductive and magnetic, it is impossible to track the PE pipe, which will bring inconvenience to future pipeline maintenance, so the tracer wire also appears.

At present, the commonly used tracer wires on the market are mainly copper-clad steel tracer wires and copper tracer wires.

Which tracer wire color I should pick?

Natural Gas pipes

Yellow Tracer Wire : For Natural Gas Lines.

Sewer pipes

Green Tracer Wire: For Sewer and Drain Lines.

Telecommunication pipes

Orange Tracer Wire: For Fiber Optic, Signal, and Communication Lines.

Electric Power pipes

Red Tracer Wire: For Electric Power Lines.

Potable Water pipes

Blue Tracer Wire: For Potable Water Lines.

Reclaimed Water pipes

Purple Tracer Wire: For Reclaimed Water Lines