Discussion on Construction and Application of Tracer Wire 3

An Effective Method for Detecting Trace Lines in Pipe Networks

How to effectively detect the tracer line of the PE gas pipeline network?

The answer is to lay the tracer wire correctly.

Therefore, we must start from the construction specifications.

To ensure the effectiveness of the tracer line laying.

At the same time, in the detection, we also need to summarize and analyze from the practical work.

And create favorable conditions for fast and effective acquisition of detection results.

For this reason, we need to pay attention to the following points. (When detecting PE polyethylene gas pipe network).

Firstly, the detection method: active source measurement method.

(Especially in the measurement of urban trunk pipelines).

Due to the dense pipeline network, the passive source method has great interference.

Induced current is prone to misdetection with other power network.

This results in inaccurate test results.

The second is when the tracer is detected.

Choose the end with strong grounding resistance to apply the electrical signal.

Conducive to the accuracy of detection results.

The third is to try not to bridge other pipelines during construction detection.

In order to avoid distortion of detection results due to signal interference.

Fourth, adjust the output power of the detector appropriately.

Appropriately increase the output power for large buried depths.
The power of the buried depth is appropriately reduced.
Different output powers have different effects on interference in detection.

Construction Suggestions for Trace Lines in Gas Pipeline Networks

In the construction of the tracer line of the PE gas pipeline network:

First of all, we must combine the actual construction of the project.

Secondly, do a good job in the design and technical disclosure of the tracer line.

In order to facilitate future project acceptance and management and maintenance.

To this end, we need to pay attention to the following points.

Firstly, the laying requirements for tracer lines are strictly indicated.

Listed in the design construction drawings and technical documents:

  1. Model, material, size, and cross-sectional area
  2. Signal attenuation rate
  3. Effective transmission distance
  4. Ground connection method

Secondly, from the aspects of construction and technical maintenance:

  1. Pay attention to the installation of the tracer line of the pipe network
  2. The importance of operation and maintenance.

Third, provide various acceptance reports:

  1. Ground insulation test
  2. Waterproof treatment
  3. The emission of the signal strength of the detector
  4. Consistency of information such as detection location

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