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Why us .

With 6 years experience in bimetallic wire development and production, General Clad become one of the most famous CCS and CCA producer in China. In 2020 , as requested by our client, we developed the tracer wire with our own core material which is the copper clad steel wire(CCS). This made General Clad the only tracer wire manufactory has it's own core wire production capability in China.
ISO for tracer wire factory

ISO 9001 &14001 certified factory.

 All the tracer wires are produced in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified factory with CE certificate. 

ccs wire for tracer wire

Core material produced in house

General Clad produce the tracer wire with our own CCS and Cu which enable us to guarantee the quality of our tracer wire from the beginning. 

tracer wire shippment

Deliver on time

We understand lead time is a critical part of our service .  We create delivery schedule according to each order and make sure every order will be delivered in time. 

Who we are

General Clad is a company specialized in developing and manufacturing materials such as :

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