What Is Tracer Wire Used For?

Copper Clad Steel Tracing Wire. Used in the detection of underground piping and other underground utility installations.
Your best choice for Open Cut (Open Trench), Directional Drilling and Pipe Bursting.

Tracing Wire Application:

Yellow Tracer Wire : For Natural Gas Lines.

Orange Tracer Wire: For Fiber Optic, Signal and Communication Lines.

Blue Tracer Wire: For Potable Water Lines.

Green Tracer Wire: For Sewer and Drain Lines.

Purple Tracer Wire: For Reclaimed Water Lines

Red Tracer Wire: For Electric Power Lines.

White Tracer Wire: For proposed excavation.

The “tracing wire” detects, tracks and locates PE pipes. It is together with the pipe; generally, a metal core is used, and a signal is applied to the “metal line” through a detection device, and the signal is received by the detection knowledge to find the exact location of the path, that is, to track the specific location of the PE pipe synchronously ; Thereby transforming and repairing tracing wire PE pipes.


  • Flexibility with Superior Strength
  • Strong Anti-corrosion
  • Anti-theft
  • Anti-aging Properties
  • Abrasion and Oil Resistant
  • Detailed Color Code
  • Direct Burial Only
  • CE Certificates & ISO9001/14001

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