Tracer Wire Installation in Sewer & Water Utility

What is a qualified tracer wire installation?

  • Ensures proper access to connecting line tracking equipment.
  • Correctly position the wire. No signal weakness at distances greater than 1000 feet.
  • No signal distortion due to multiple wires installed adjacent to each other.

6 Tips for installtion

  1. Repair or remove damaged wires and install new ones. Note that tape is not allowed.
  2. The tracer wire system requires the installation of a single continuous wire.
  3. Tracer wire installation location: In the lower part of the pipe. Secure at 5 foot intervals with tape or straps.
  4. Ground the tracer wire as specified.
  5. Use special waterproof connectors to connect tracer wires.
  6. Remember to check and test after installation.

What a qualified tracer must have?

Firstly, the wire gauge must be not less than 18AWG. The larger the wire diameter, the stronger the signal.

Secondly, the material of insulation must be HDPE. HDPE is tougher, chemically resistant, has a higher melting point, and has good low-temperature properties.

Thirdly, the thickness must be more than 30 mil. 45mil will be better.

Fourthly, the conductivity must be not less than 21%.

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