Sewer/Water Utility – Trace Wire

What is tracer wire?

To carry electrical signals in underground non-metallic pipes.

Typically buried next to a pipe.

Used in temperatures up to 75°C in both wet and dry locations.

The electrical wire is suitable for industrial applications, utilities, irrigation systems, and slant drilling.

It is available in 30 volt and 600-volt versions for different applications.


All trace wires shall have HDPE or PVC insulation for direct burial.

And color coated shall produced accoring to APWA standards

Natural Gas pipes

Fil de traçage jaune :

For Natural Gas Lines.

Sewer pipes

Green Tracer Wire:

For Sewer and Drain Lines.

Telecommunication pipes

Il est utilisé pour les lignes de gaz naturel.fil traceur orange:

For Fiber Optic, Signal, and Communication.

Electric Power pipes

Fil de traçage rouge:

For Electric Power Lines.

Potable Water pipes

Fil de traçage bleu:

For Potable Water Lines.

Reclaimed Water pipes

Purple Tracer Wire:

For Reclaimed Water Lines

The Application:


Open Cut/Trench


Horizontal Directional Drilling

horizontal directional drilling


Pipe Bursting

pipe bursting tracer wire

Waterproof Connectors:

Connectors manufactured specifically for underground tracking wire installations.

With dielectric silicon to seal out moisture and corrosion.

And installed in a manner that prevents exposure of any uninsulated wires.

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