Tracer Wire for Horizontal Directional Drilling

What is Trenchless Construction Technology?

This is a new construction technology.

It has a very good effect on laying, replacing and repairing various underground pipelines.

Its advantage is that workers can carry out construction without extensive excavation of the ground.

This technology has little disturbance to the surface. Therefore, it has a high socio-economic effect.

In trenchless engineering for non-metallic pipes, it is necessary to use tracer wires to detect the location of the pipes.

However, in the non-excavation engineering of plastic pipes, the following problems are prone to occur:

First, it’s easy to snap with normal wire.

Second, the insulation is easily worn away by soil.

Therefore, the tracer line faces the construction requirements of high tension and high friction.

So, how to solve the problem of wire quality?

  • First, there are single or multiple steel or iron cores.
  • Second, there must be a layer of copper on the surface of the core to form a wire.
  • Third, there must be a PE layer outside the inner core.

This tracer wire has excellent resistance to abrasion, pressure, chemicals, oils and moisture.

tracer wire location

Why we need / use tracer wire?

pro trace tracer wire

The use of gas and water supply is very common in most households nowadays.

Especially in cities, underground gas, water supply, drainage, and sewage pipes are even more intricate.

Previous pipes were metal materials.
The advantage is:
First, workers can use electronic testing equipment to accurately test the current position of metal pipes.
Second, it brings convenience to maintenance or construction so as to avoid some unnecessary safety hazards.

weakness is:
First, metal pipes can corrode causing pipe breakage.
Second, thus causing air or water leakage.
Third, this not only causes a waste of resources, but even brings serious security risks.

Therefore, the engineering side considered plastic pipes to replace part of the pipeline construction.
Advantages of plastic pipes:
First, the project cost is low.
Second, it is not easy to corrode.
Third, there is little pollution to the transported materials.
Therefore, we use plastic pipes in urban pipe network construction in recent years.
In particular, we use it in gas and water supply pipelines mostly.
However, because plastic pipes are insulators, we can not determine the exact location of the pipes with electronic testing equipment.
It will cause the construction machinery to accidentally cut off and leak the pipeline. Thereby bringing unnecessary security risks.
So the tracer line came into being and became a helper for locating the pipeline.

CCS tracer wire

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