Example of gas pipeline breakage point detection

Detection background

Detection address: a gas pipeline inspection company in Haikou
Detection instrument: vLP3 (vLoc3-Pro) pipeline detector, DM3 (vLoc3-DM) anti-corrosion layer detector

Detection process

The first test point

City gas pipeline, according to the requirements need to detect the gas pipeline direction and corrosion-resistant layer breakage point to find.

Transmitter red line connected to the target pipeline transmitting 3 + 6 + 128 mixed frequency signal.

Grounding point connected to the nearby soil leakage point, through the grounding rod into the soil.

If the environment ground for tile drought, A-frame induction current maximum of 2mA is unable to determine the location of the breakage point.

This situation can be extended by extending the grounding wire, and the grounding location to choose a more distant place on the parapet, the current can be up to a maximum of 240mA.

A-frame test process constantly more grounding two pins watering treatment, the maximum induction current can be stabilized at 10mA.

Finally find the location of the breaking point at a distance of about 300 meters from the transmitter.

Second test point

vLP3 gas pipeline detector at the construction site to find the PVC pipe tracer line towards the depth measurement.

Arrived at the site provided by the customer for the ongoing construction site.

By finding the location of the tracer line red connection point to apply a frequency signal to the target.

As the tracer line is a low-resistance gas pipeline, the frequency of 8.19kHz is preferred.

Black connection grounding pin, due to the site soil is more wet, the transmitter current directly can add 260mA, more ideal state.

In 3D navigation mode can clearly show the direction of the target pipeline.


Corrosion-proof layer breakage point detection A-frame grounding foot requires certain environmental requirements for the receiver to provide sharper feedback on the fault point information.

The output current is not ideal state, the receiver needs to be 10 meters away from the transmitter, can better avoid interference.

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