Electric Pet Fence Wire

Electric Pet Fence Wire

Electric pet fences allow pets to play freely within boundaries.

And owners can rest assured that their pets are safe within these boundaries.

It’s also a great way to keep pets in the yard.

An electric pet playpen can provide extra space for pets to run.

And it can guarantee the happiness and health of pets. It is a lifesaver for pets!

How Do Electric Pet Fences Work?

When we say “invisible dog fences” and “electric dog fences”. We mean hidden underground systems. These fencing systems transmit coded FM radio signals through the boundary lines buried around the yard.

Your dog or dog wears a receiver collar that emits a gentle vibration when it reaches the boundary. Don’t worry—the shock won’t exceed what you’d normally get from a static-charged carpet.

The electrical wires used in underground electric pet fences seriously affect how the system works.

High resistance conductors (smaller gauge) have to work harder to keep your pets out.

Larger gauge conductors have less resistance, allowing signals to travel faster and farther.

Invisible Electronic Dog Fence Wire manufactured by GENERAL CLAD is made of copper clad steel with HDPE insulation.

High quality and durable, our electric pet fence wire is sure to help keep your dogs and other pets away from your property.

Can anyone Install Electric Pet Fences easily?

A professional or by a homeowner can install in-ground pet fence system.

Professionally installed systems typically use 14 gauge wire.

This is mainly because steel wire is about six times stronger than other sizes.

This reduces wire breakage and increases durability.

How to install Electric Pet Fences?

The process is simple.

First, a machine is used to cut gaps in the grass.

Then, feed the electronic pet fence wire into it, laying the wire boundary that makes up the invisible fence.

Next, connect one end of the wire to the electrical system inside the house or garage, controlling the availability of the wiring system.

Finally, a receiving collar worn by the commissioning animal receives the signal from the wire.

When the system works, pets quickly learn where their limits are.

And usually ducks in the future, allowing them to run and play easily within invisible obstacles.

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