What Color Is Tracer Wire?

Die Hauptfunktion des Tracers:

The “tracer wire” detects, tracks and locates PE pipes. It is together with the pipe. Generally, use metal core , and apply signal to the “metal line” through a detection device. Then we can receive the signal by the detection knowledge to find the exact location of the path. That is, to track the specific location of the PE pipe synchronously. Thereby transforming and repairing PE pipes.

What are wire color code?

We use wiring color codes for electrical wiring. In other words, it has a specific meaning with different colors for different types and purposes of circuits. Electricians and contractors understand these codes. For those who want to learn, a simple guide can help to understand their meaning . Above all, this is a quick color coding guide for distributors, engineers, and other professionals. Therefore, the significance of any given wire color may vary from country to country. Besides, during installation, color coding should be added using colored insulation tapes by wrapping it around the wire.

Use each color for electrical wiring indicates the type and purpose of the cable. It is a standardization that we can follow in the regions for better understanding and traceability. In some countries, the competent authority specifies all acceptable colors for wiring, while in other countries certain colors are only required for certain types of wiring.

So what are the different usages of the color for tracer wire?

1.Gelbes Suchkabel

For Natural Gas Lines.

2.Es wird für Erdgasleitungen verwendet. orangefarbener Begleitdraht

For Fiber Optic, Signal and Communication Lines.

3.Blauer Suchscheinwerfer

For Potable Water Lines.

4.Grünes Suchkabel

For Sewer and Drain Lines.

5.lila Suchkabel

For Reclaimed Water Lines

6.Rotes Suchkabel

For Electric Power Lines.

7.Weißes Suchkabel

For proposed excavation.

Ablove all,these are the color of tracer wire.

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