The Structure: 1. PE outer protective layer: insulation, anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-aging 2. Copper layer: enhance conductivity and improve electrical signal 3. Steel core: enhance the strength of the wire body The Advantages: 1. Low resistance General Clad* Tracer Wire is composed of a copper-clad steel wire core and a PE outer protective layer. The copper layer covers the...
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Tracer Wire Use: Locating Wire used for detection and tracing of buried plastic pipes. Scope of application: for instance, gas buried PE pipes, water supply buried PE, PVC pipes and non-metal buried pipes. Firstly, the items General Clad* Tracer wire Waterproof/anti-corrosion connector and access points Tools (for example: cutting pliers, scissors) Secondly, the operation steps-straight line...
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