May 2022
copper tracer wire
Copper clad steel is one of the most commonly materials for tracer wires. Its main advantages are: 1.Lower costSave 20% of your budget 2.Anti-theftLow resell value for theft. Treated surface to minimize attention 3.Reliabilitykeep protecting you for 30 years. Better performance against extreme working condition 4.Easy installationNo tooling & accessories adjustment require bend, connect and...
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plumbing tracer wire
This article focuses on how to choose the right insulation sheath for underground installations Before we start the project, let’s look at what are the main applications for tracer wire projects? Open cut or open trench?Horizontal directional drilling or plowing?Blasting pipes What types of sheaths are generally available on the market? HDPE, PVC, THHN HDPE...
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